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Satish Sivaraman

Product Marketing Manager

Mr. Satish Sivaraman

Satish is a Product Marketing Manager with 15+ years of experience in developing products by identifying potential products, conducting market research, generating product requirements, determining specifications, production timetables, pricing, and time integrated plans for product introduction and developing marketing strategies. Also, he is Involved and responsible on complete US operations and their related functions.

Satish’s enthusiasm for sales is contagious and he has created a positive workplace for those around him. He is a valued associate with a great personality. Satish is associated with Jeevan for more than a decade and now he is heading and handling the Operations of Jeevan’s US Office. He is a Graduate in Business Administration and Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Madras. . He has wonderful personal and professional characteristics that make him a joy to work with.

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