Full Stack Development

Visual Engineering

Modern UI

Visual Engineering (UI development) has undergone a huge transformation in recent times. Earlier, User Interface (UI) was primarily focused on browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. But in recent times, Modern UI Applications has come a long way where UI development has to concentrate on rich user experiences (UX) that should also be:

  • Attractive and Responsive
  • Compatible to different browsers
  • Compatible to different Screen sizes
  • Compatible to different Devices
Modern UI
React UI development

React UI development

We are experts in Angular, React UI development frameworks based on JavaScript for building decoupled browser applications, providing complete control and flexibility over addressing the UI specific concerns independently.

We have also successfully deployed many projects in Mobile application development frameworks like Android and iOS which are fully decoupled UI applications that truly enrich the User experience.

In our UX development, we simply avoid inclusion of logics that are not UI specific which helps to keep applications

  • Light weight
  • Dynamic
  • Maintainable

Front end Architecture

Developing front end website architecture, Designing user interactions on web pages. Frontend covers the presentation part – a part that is responsible for user engagement and user interaction. Full stack developers require to know basic frontend languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and important aspects of frontend development like validation, responsiveness, and user experience. They must know at least one front-end framework (Angular, React, Backbonejs, jQuery). They should be well acquainted with front-end development and continuously look for new things and updates.

Front end Architecture

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