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TruckDues is a web platform for every American Truckers reporting the Form 2290 Federal Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This online cloud application acts as a tool that enables every trucker to transform into the much required electronic filing, which is more secured, safe and quick. Also makes record keeping easy, all at an affordable rate.

File 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns.

Stress Free
File 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns

TruckDues is designed to be stress free, brings the simplest way to report and file 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns. Be it our app, website, or service we strive to keep making things simpler. Get a competitive advantage by choosing electronic filing and fasten your return process with the IRS.

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Instant AcceptanceAcknowledgement, Proof of Payment (Schedule 1 Copy)

Instant Acceptance
Proof of Payment
(Schedule 1 Copy)

The IRS watermarked Schedule 1 receipt, the proof of payment and the acknowledgement is important for the trucking business to keep everything intact. Filing 2290 taxes at TruckDues helps truckers to concentrate fully on their business goals rather than thinking about the taxes. Don’t just let the tax preparation to take away all the time, we can help with a simple interview based approach to complete 2290 tax returns in few minutes.

The truck tax returns that are reported electronically will enable paying the taxes electronically. We support all the available and agreed payments channels that the IRS accepts.

Timely Reminders and Alert Notifications

Reminders and Alert Notifications

The web application or the mobile app keep the taxpayers reminded of their due dates, in built calculator can allow them to plan how they can make the tax payments on time to the IRS. Text alert on return status and Fax copies of acknowledgement takes the guesswork out of your tax filing. Tax return status are critical for a taxpayer and we handle the IRS rejections to keep the taxpayers informed and help them to get that fixed on-time. We also allow the taxpayers to correct typos for free and don’t just want to charge extra on their mistakes.

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Live Phone Support

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Email and LIVE Chat support

Making the right choice with electronic filing is choosing the right efile provider, TruckDues is the top rated and most trusted efile provider as we work with Owner Operators, Trucking Companies to ensure they get the best with efiling. We ensure 2290 tax efile is affordable to every trucker, as they’re leading towards recovery of this wonderful country out of the hard hit pandemic supplying the essentials. We’re just a phone call away at 347 – 515 - 2290, reach us through email at support [@] truckdues.com and in a live chat from the website.

We’re committed and very happy to be part of the Trucking Industry serving the American Truckers, who keeps us busy and moving our country forward.

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