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ServiceNow DXDigital services

Our ServiceNow DX Digital service offers:  IT Transformation, Customer Transformation, Employee Transformation and hyper automation.

IT Transformation enables customers to transform digitally by optimising legacy systems.

Customer Transformation offers a variety of services that target new markets and accelerate customer experience. Digital workflows, virtual agents are few areas that shine bright in this arena.

Employee Transformation is designed to provide end to end customer centric approach that is tailor made for each organisation.

Hyper automation plays a key role in integration various silo units within each organisation.

hyper automation

We have built a good client base on Service Now and we offer the following

Visual Engineering

Implementation Services

Product Development

BI Services

Application Development

Managed Services

We provide an assessment of the current IT Inventory within the environment, do a risk analysis, draw a roadmap and implement the project

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